Jammu Kashmir Liberation League believes in promote the ideology of Geographical and Political entity of the State of Jammu Kashmir. The right of finally to decide the future of the State, in exercise of Self-Determination, vests in the people of Jammu & Kashmir. Neither India nor Pakistan (in control of three parts of the State) have right to decide the Future of the State in derogation to the wishes of the people. The best interest, welfare, progress and prosperity and peace of South Asia lie in acceptance of freedom of the State of Jammu & Kashmir.

Jammu & Kashmir is placed geographically in a position that it may play the role of bridge between the South and Central Asia. The sacrifices rendered by the people of Jammu & Kashmir may not be ignored and lost, merely to perpetuate the occupation of three parts of the State by India and Pakistan. The prime duty ad responsibility is placed on Diaspora of Jammu & Kashmir to contribute and impart their efforts to secure the freedom of the people; likewise; heavy responsibility lie placed on the International community their profess human rights to support the people of Jammu & Kashmir in their struggle for freedom. Let it be remembered that status que, or division on the basis of Line of Control would never be acceptable as permanent solution to the people of Jammu & Kashmir.


Abdul Majeed Mallick


Jammu Kashmir Liberation League, Mirpur (AJK)

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